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Elonex eTouch 10" Android Tablet PC

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Checked but found a little confused about that tablet due to that simple specs. Really don't know what' s processor, ... hmm, 256 ram is a little suck.

Probably you should take a look this one. 7" Android 2.2 Tablet

processer is a 1ghz

VIA ARM 11 1ghz processor

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I bought one the other day, and it's not that bad, i was expecting a lot worse.

The build quality is ok, the screen requires you to press and not slide your fingers across it, and the ROM (Android 2.1) is basically a phone ROM stuck on the tablet, it has a "Phone application" and no phone feature, keeps saying it has no service in the icon bar, when there is no sim card, and the gallery app has a camera button, which crashes the tablet when pressed, because there's no camera.

If Elonex had employed one of the wonderful ROM modders from this site for a couple of months to make an "awesome rom", this would have been a great tablet.

If anyone knows of any good rom's for it, let me know.

Back to my ebooks. ;)


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