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Titanium Backup

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Hi Guys, having a bit of a problem with the Titanium Backup app that comes in Pauls pre-bake ROMs.

I ran a nandroid backup about a week ago, I do this regularly just cos. I was about to flash a new ROM on yesterday, so I nandroided again, and also did a full titanium backup.

After flashing ROM / playing around with new ROMs etc I decided i'd had enough playing, time to go back to what I had yesterday. So go to nandroid restore. Uh-oh, invalid MD5 apparently. Lucky I had one from a week ago, so I restore that one instead, all good.

So now I'm just without a weeks worth of data, not too much hassle. Got my titanium backup from yesterday at least. Go to restore that, but it seems any app i restore, it won't restore the settings. E.g. I restore ConnectBot and none of my default connections are there, with all the saved passwords etc. Restore RoboDefense, it's as if I just installed it, no saved levels etc.

Any attempts in Titanium Backup to restore settings for apps says it works, but in reality it's not making any difference. What exactly am I doing wrong? How can I tell if the backups in the TitaniumBackup folder actually have anything in them? I see all the files there, but no idea if they are empty backups or what.

Edit: ok, i did some googling, found some stuff that said you should always "verify" your backups after running a backup.. i did so now and for some reason every single one of my backups have an error... based on my nandroid from yesterday being bung, and all these TI backups being bung, i would say I have a shoddy SD card

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