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Why cant i use this wallpaper?

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You can cheat and do it - download something like 'Gimp' on your PC and set up a new image 960 by 800.

Doesnt matter what you put as the image you could just fill it with plain white colour on a bucket fill.

Next add a layer to the above and select the picture you want to be on your phone - when it's placed ( in gimp anyways) it should be right in the centre of the 960 by 800 image.

Save the new image and USB/Dropbox it to your phone.

Now when choosing a wallpaper select your new image and make sure to widen the choice markers to encompass the whole picture.

When your phone automatically crops the picture for you, for your home screen, it should have the bit you need and exclude everything else.

Kinda long way round but thats how ive done it without finding a 'proper' way..............

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Wallpapers need to be 960x800, so that the wallpaper can scroll horizontally as you flick between homescreens.

If you put this on your phone and select all of it when you set it as your wallpaper, the centre of the image will fit your middle homescreen. But it will scroll off when you flick to other homescreens. There is a setting in Launcher Pro (if you use this) to disable wallpaper scrolling. I don't know if this is helpful.


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