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Buzing Bee

Tweaked And Up To Date Kernel Source

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Iv been developing a few small fixes in the kernel for others to use and get the benefits from, some of the changes are :-

--Changing how the camera powers on to improve 3rd party app support and support in AOSP based roms

--Changes how the device sleeps to as not to fall into state where it cant wake up

--Changes to the rotation driver to have the ability to flip its x and y axis for AOSP rom support

--Changes to the wifi module to stop it force unloading ... (may be able to set wifi sleep never in the future)

--Changes to the schedulers within the kernel to improve speed

Along with these changes iv kept the kernel up to date with the lates .32 kernel from kernel .org and the wifi module

up to date (at the time of posting

You can find the latest info here :(

And the kernel source here :(

Thanks For Reading

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Just a quick testimonial from my kernel thread :-D

Just ran SmartBench 2011 and here are some figures for you

Buzz 0.2

Productivity: 3116

Game: 2082

Stock Vega

Productivity: 2887

Game: 2356

Stock Xoom

Productivity: 2961

Game 2353

It seems the higher you get your productivity the lower the gaming index goes, however you can see that the vega on this kernel is much better than stock vega, and matches the xoom.

(can't post a pic but run the app yourself!)


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