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The Ultimate Kitchen Utensil

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I specifically bought the Vega for the Kitchen.

Used with the cheapest and "best" DIY wall mount ever the Vega Is a handy Cook's tool.

Use it to read ebook recipe books, download recipes from the web.

View cookery programs again on iplayer ect (Jamie's 30 min meals pause/ go back until you figure out what he is doing!).

Research ingredients.

Order your shopping online (tesco, asda, etc).

Hook up to good quality bookshelf speakers on top of cupboards and you have an excellent media player (mood music for dining, internet radio or watch a film while doing chores).


DIY Wall Mount


Recipe from BBC Food website


Watching Saturday Kitchen on iPlayer

Wall mount is 2 plastic clipboards modified and an old lcd screen leg modified (cheap small tv wall mount would do for leg).

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I have those tiles, almost the same worktop and a very similar kettle. :(


Double user accounts Paul to win your own contest? Just kidding :(

On-topic: that looks really neat! great way of using a tablet :)

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I know this is an old topic but I've just stumbled across it. Is there any chance the OP could tell me where they got the wall mounting bracket?

Many thanks.

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