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NEW +SKIN+ TITANIUM "NeoMix Dark 3" WVGA & WQVGA 6.5.3 and higher

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NEW++SKIN++ TITANIUM "NeoMix Dark 3"

WVGA & WQVGA 6.5.3 and higher by master_lie and bol422 and Dimka BC with fullscreen weather both in "Portrait" and "Landscape" !!!




Hi Friends,

time for a new gift....... a new Titanium skin..!!!!

This skin is a creation of the authors "bol422 and master_lie"

based on NeoTitanium by drkfngthdragnlrd & Shadow Neo Skin by greatbal

The idea, impulse and the driving force behind this all for creating this skin and most of the work goes to bol422

Big thanks to bol422 Many thanks for idea with notifications oldoldstone and thanks for clock Tama-Chan

This skin is very different from its predecessors.

Both in terms of graphics, as well as in the work plan.

How it works:

Here we have used the notification system for displaying information on the tabs.

Scripts do not always hang at startup, and is only triggered when there is a right for their launch event in the system.

In this assembly on the principle of work:

Hours: The script will only work once a minute to update the graphics.

Alarm clock: alarm clock icon changes immediately after the application settings.

Connection manager: status icons.

Tab Nitrogen: change of name, artist and length songs on its end and the beginning of a new one.

Tab notification: (a separate plugin, not the system. See screenshots below.) Display information about missed calls, incoming SMS and email. mail, with the ability to make a call to the last missed number tap on icons in the scroll bar. In the absence of a missed call icon and text information about the caller.


Has been revised almost all the graphics and the opportunity to move the scroll bar from left to right and vice versa. In portrait mode and landscape. Management is implemented through FSMenu.

But there is a small feature when changing the location of the scroll bar. When you change the location, the skin takes the standard form of default than design themes. That is, clocks will be installed on Digital II and will be shut down menus and tabs Manila expanded Nitrogen. Customize the look, you'll need after that, a couple of minutes. This is done for greater stability and to avoid any incidents. Once we find 100% way to switch without possible error, it will be included in the next assembly.

Were completely enumerated and sawn all. Cpr and. Plg files to remove all the "stocks" that extend more probably with the first version.

The new organization structure of folders in the parent folder Neo Mix. Now everything is divided into directories, and not lumped together.

Altered in the direction of greater clarity menu hours, weather, RSS, beckoning the menu (to remove programs from the tabs).

The menu item will appear hours "Removing NeoMix" for tailings cleanup after installing and extracting archives.

Added option to select the Internet connection for the RSS and weather. Now you do not need to rename your connection to The Internet.

Connect and disconnect tabs. Manila menu and extended tab Nitrogen, has become more reliable and simple. Both are disabled by default, but instead they installed a simple and easy launcher tab Nitrogen. Installation and disconnection is realized through FSMenu.

And more.

Used plugins and programs:


CNeoMix - clock and additional information

CNotification by larbke666 - notification

TitaniumWeather by showaco - Weather

ATFavePeople - Quick Contacts

PIGEON! Today by Aspire89 - the title speaks for itself

CGPS by oldsap - location coordinates

CAppointments - tasks. Standard plug

CMyPhotos - photos. Standard plug

CMusic - control WMP. Standard plug

CNitrogen by oldsap- control the player Nitrogen two versions of the map

CQuickNotes - quick notes

CManilaMenu by kane159 - launcher

CAccessories - another launcher in 5 programs

CContact - one more quick contacts

CRSS - view news feeds


MortScript 4.3b12 by Mirko Schenk, FSMenu v 0.06 by IEHBR_NEW , CHome Editor by showaco, JMLMenu, Restart, TICS installer.

Hours: six options.


Themes: two.


Extended FSMenu: When changing themes, changing appearance.


Slider to the left - right.


Plugin notifications.


Installation: :(

It is advisable to put on a clean device.

If before that was one of the older versions NeoMix, and XP do not want

then remove it very carefully, followed by capital-cleaning tail of it in the registry.


Disable Windows Default.

Install the cab to the main memory and reboot.

Enable Windows Default, and press Start.

Will be unpacking the archives on this a bit forward or where no poking.

Next will be prompted to reboot to apply the settings.

Answer yes, and after a soft reset you will be happy.

If you click Yes, then restart was not followed, then restart manually.

Removal: :D

In the menu, press the Delete NeoMix and wait a while.

Next, a message appears stating that you need to do next.

Yes, the weight of the archive under 20 Mb.


Full screen wallpaper for weather. A portrait and a landscape.

Author: sv0911

For correct display it is necessary to create a folder "Fullscreen Weather"

On Storage Card or My Storage where unzip a folder with wallpaper.

For a landscape mode all too most, only the name at a folder should be "Fullscreeen WeatherL"

Further in options of a plug-in of weather choose wallpaper and update weather


Burning Sun


Fantasy Flash I

Fantasy Flash II






Burning Sun Landscape

Burning Sun NeoMix Dark Landscape

Fantasy Flash I Landscape Fantasy Flash II Landscape

Nightcolour Landscape

Platinum Landscape

Crystal Sky Landscape

Daylight Landscape




NeoMix Dark 3 WVGA EN

NeoMix Dark 3 WQVGA EN


NeoMix Dark 3 WVGA EU

NeoMix Dark 3 WQVGA EU

big thanks for help the translite this thread Rapid81



Thanks Authors of programs, plugins and the drawing, used in this project. And as to all who supports us.

Thread under construction

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