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Vega and my band!

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First of all, let me get things sorted out: I don't own a Vega. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't have the money to buy it. It's a bargain, I know, £199 for a great tablet is just awesome, but it's still £199 and I'm just a student...

So here I am, applying for this contest, in the unexpected uses for the Advent Vega!

If I had a Vega, it would be the perfect companion to my band's rehearsals/jams. Carrying a laptop in addition to my huge keyboard (I play the keys/piano) is not very nice, and listening to music/composing/recording/reading sheet music/tuning guitars with my smartphone is not the ideal solution too...

A Vega tablet is a perfect solution! Big screen so we can easily read the sheet music, Tegra processor so that we can watch music videos/performances in HD, the HDMI output is perfect for showing off our performances to friends, ...

We could stop worrying about tons of sheets with music, chords, and keep it all on the Vega! We could finally compose music as we wanted, quick and easily, and listen to it on a set of speakers!

Seriously, if I had the money, Vega would be my first choice for a tablet! :D

Of course, I would still use it for my own pleasure, the band would be its main purpose, but it would still be my Vega :D

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