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Angry Birds can't install

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G'day Guys,

I was having trouble trying to update angry birds for months now. Stupidly, before searching or anything i just tried to fix myself. I did a full titanium backup, uninstalled angry birds then tried a fresh market install (instead of the previously attempted update). It failed with the same error. It downloads fine, then just says Angry Birds failed to install. I have a HTC Desire running a2sd+ if it matters.

At this point I tried searching around the interwebs, seems tonnes of people have the same issue. The general solution seemed to be unmount the SD card and then install it. I was a bit skeptical, as I was running a2sd+ i assumed unmounting the SD card would remove my apps, but it seems not. My apps still all worked with the SD card unmounted (from the menu on the phone, not actually removing the card). So, I followed the advice and went on to install angry birds with the SD card unmounted (but still in the phone).

Bingo, the advice was correct, this worked. I've no idea why, how or whatever. I then remounted my SD card in the menu and away I went to play angry birds.

BUT... It had lost all my data, all my levels, high scores and everything. A little annoyed. But I remember I did a titanium backup. Win right? Ok, go into TiBackup and restore DATA ONLY for angry birds. Sweet, says it's done. Load the game, now it just instantly exits. DAMN!

So, hours of trying to figure this out, I figure, hell what do I care, I didn't have an issue with the old version, it's just a little annoying when the Market app keeps telling you there are updates and you don't really care. Oh well, uninstall the now non-working angry birds and restore old version and data with TiBackup, should be fine right. NO! It sails failed to restore. So now I am completely doomed or what?

Any advice/solutions? I have a nandroid backup, but only from like 2 months ago, the last time i flashed a rom.

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