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Help: How to stop messaging app from opening automatically in WM 6.5??

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I have observed this on at least two different devices (Samsung Omnia 2, HP Glisten) running WinMo 6.5, so it doesn't seem to be a device specific issue.

If I have an email account set to check automatically at a certain interval, say every 10 minutes, each time that interval arrives, the messaging application opens itself and comes to foreground as the active application. This happens whether I am currently using the device to do something else (like surf the web etc) or whether the device is left in sleep/standby mode with the screen completely off. The next time I wake the device up, assuming that email check interval as elapsed, I will find the messaging app open as the currently active one.

It doesn't happen if messaging is already open and in the background, but if it's completely closed it will always open and bring itself to the foreground, before proceeding to check for email. None of my older WinMo 6.1 devices ever did this, and were capable of checking email silently without opening the messaging app. The today screen plugin would always update to indicate new messages, but the app didn't physically open each and every time.

Is there any known fix for this? Note that both devices demonstrating this behaviour are running WM 6.5, rather than 6.5.3 and both are using unmodified regular stock roms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks...

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