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stuck power button? boot screen loop

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I am running a custom ROM (Darky's 9.5) on a rooted Galaxy S with Voodoo Fix. All has been fine for the past week since I changed to this ROM.

However, today, suddenly the phone switched off and then immediately turns on by itself and as soon as the Galaxy S screen appears it restarts again and the loop continues.

I removed the battery, but as SOON as I put the battery back in, it turns on by itself and resumes the on off sequence.

So its IMPOSSSIBLE to get into recovery mode, it doesnt work even though I have it enabled. I can get into Download mode but it lasts 5 seconds as the phone switches off and back on.

I can connect via USB to computer in download mode, but like I said it lasts 5seconds.

Is my power button jammed or is there something sinister going on? lol

Warranty is not an option...

Thanks for any advice!

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It resolved all by itself. Basically, I got fed up and I left it to loop back and forth from the boot screen....and after a few minutes I returned to the phone screen to find it had booted up fully to the normal desktop.

Very strange. I might just have a dodgy phone.

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