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I'm new here, and am pretty much of a noob to android, only been playing with it for about 8 months or so. I've got a rooted Samsung Captivate, updated with the latest from Samsung, Android 2.2. I managed to stumble my way through editing the settings.db file to allow me to install non-market apps. Looking at all the other settings in that file, I would sure like to know if anybody knows or has some kind of reference to the variables in the other fields-looking at the names of the records makes me want to experiment, but I don't want to change something and make the phone unbootable. A lot of those settings could make life easier if I knew what exactly they did. Thanks in advance to anybody who can help.

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im not really sure what do you mean by non-market apps, i download most off my apps on pc and install on phone later, there is a check in the settings>applications to enable unsecured non-market apps if thats one of the things you meant..

if not, you could be referring to compatibility check on market that doesnt allow some apps to be installed and such, you could check this thread on xda.. hope i helped :)

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