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Wifi Tethering hanging stock handset

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Disclaimer up front: The phone is stock ROM and I would prefer to keep it that way.

When I first enable tethering (or Wi-Fi Hotspot as the app is called) there is about a minute or so when it works fine. It's quick and webpages on the Vega I had and the Transformer I now have load quickly without any hiccups.

After about a minute or so, though, the handset hangs, sometimes requiring a battery removal. Sometimes it will even just hard reboot.


This is driving me mental as it's one of the main features of the phone (along with the keyboard) which swung my decision.

I've googled around and found all sorts of possible solutions, none of which I'll reproduce here as none of them worked and I want to get some unbiased opinion and knowledge.

Has anyone else had any issues with WiFi tethering on an HTC Desire Z? Did you fix them?


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