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Bored at work - made an adb GUI!

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Hi all.

Loving the transformer and all the great support we are getting here and at xda.

Playing with all the new apks, fonts for the clock, boot animations and system button changes that are on here and at xda and got bored with all the adb command line stuff (lazy I know!) so I used VB to put together a little 'ADB GUI' for windows that helps with pulling, pushing and backups, etc and thought I would post it here.


Windows only I am afraid and you will need to have .NET 2.0 installed.

Extract the folder from zip, put it somewhere and run Transformer ADB GUI.exe.

First time it runs it will nag you to select the location of adb (where adb.exe is)

Rooted users can click the button 'Remount' to do just that and then push bits. Non rooters can only pull and list.

I am not a developer and just do a bit of VB as a hobby, so it might not be perfect and don't blame me if your PC catches fire :unsure:

Just thought I would post in case it was of use to anyone else.

Will go AD Free tomorrow in anticipation of 3.1, a kitchen and beyond.

Have lurked without AD Free for too long :)

Thanks, Paul.


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WOW Nice work !! Almost wish i was a windows user :-)

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