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Launcher Pro on 2.2.1

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I have a Vodafone Galaxy S running the official version of 2.2.1 from Kies which I bought to replace a ZTE Blade. On the Blade I used the Japanese Jellyfish rom which came with Launcher Pro which I absolutely loved, but on the Samsung I find that Launcher Pro (installed from the Market) crashes several times a day, mainly when I try to open the app tray. The phone vibrates and seems to hang for a second, then when it comes back the tray opens but it is usually empty.

I can get the app tray to work by clearing the defaults from the Launcher Pro settings, then pressing the home key and resetting Launcher Pro as the default but I hate having to do this so much that I have gone back to the (awful) standard launcher provided by Samsung.

Can anyone give me any guidance as why this might be happening and how I can get Launcher Pro working properly again?



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