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Softlink, Hardlink Applications on SDcard

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Did anybody try and succeed already with soft or hardlinking applications from the data/app folder to the sdcard?

If so, could you tell how you did it? I tried it today with my Legend which is rooted.

So what i've done is this:

In the shell I checked with df where my sdcard is mounted, the output was: /mnt/sdcard/

Then i moved bullcrap.apk with the shell out of /data/app/ to /mnt/sdcard/appp (i chose appp to be sure to have no interference with the os).

And then i created a softlink with:

ln -s /mnt/sdcard/appp/bullcrap.apk /data/app/bullcrap.apk

After this, i checked if the softlink was created correctly and it showed up correctly.

But when turning the phone up, bullcrap didnt show up in the applications.

In Linux itself these links work. You guys have any idea why it does not work under android?


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