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Im a Noob How to Install 2.3??

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By the way this is my first topic and well i literally signed up about 5 mins ago so, here goes....

Ok hi guys. now basically ive got a GT540 which when i purchased it, it had android 1.6.... I then officially upgraded to 2.1. I now want to upgrade to 2.3 but i have no clue how, and yes i no theres tons of topics on how to do it, but... i just dont understand any of it, i mean i dont even know what the hell a ROM is or what clockworking is....

Id really appreciate it (and i mean really!) if someone could tell me exactley what to do in a easy to read way with no big boy words, i need words for a complete and utter noob like myself :D

Also i no i need to make a back up of 2.1 is that right??? Could someone be so kind to tell me how to do that aswell lol :D

Thanks you so much in advance even though this topic will probably be full with just people flaming me and such :o

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