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Device hangs after updating ROM

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Hi, I have a HTC desire for one of my friends, he gave it to me earlier, I rooted it using Modaco's guide, then installed another ROM. The device was working normally but with one problem: it reboots once or twice a week.

So, he gave it back to me to revert back to a stock ROM. So, I downloaded a ROM from this topic "Fr11 - WITH SENSE", the ROM I choose was "default options, without MoDaCo additions".

I copied the "Fr11-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withoutadditions-signed.zip" into the SD card, then rebooted into recovery, accessed recovery clockwise and choose to install the zip file, and installation finished successfully.

But now, the device boots and hangs in the HTC logo (and Modaco's dancing guy) .. and refuses to go any further.

When I reboot into recovery the device just keeps rebooting.

I tried to flash recovery clockwise but I received this error:

ecovery recovery-clockwork-

sending 'recovery' (3492 KB)... OKAY

writing 'recovery'... INFOsignature checking...

FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)

I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS. How can I install any ROM now?

The device is:






Aug 10 2010, 17:52:10

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When I open a shell on the device (adb shell), and I do ls I receive this:

# pwd



# ls


←[1;34macct←[0m ←[1;34mdev←[0m ←[1;34mroot←[0m

←[1;34mapp-cache←[0m ←[1;36metc←[0m ←[1;34msbin←[0m

←[0;0mbootcomplete.bravo.rc←[0m ←[1;32minit←[0m ←[1;36msdcard←[0m

←[1;34mcache←[0m ←[1;32minit.bravo.rc←[0m ←[0;0mshutdown.bravo.rc←[0m

←[1;34mconfig←[0m ←[1;32minit.goldfish.rc←[0m ←[1;34msys←[0m

←[1;36md←[0m ←[1;32minit.rc←[0m ←[1;34msystem←[0m

←[1;34mdata←[0m ←[1;34mmnt←[0m

←[0;0mdefault.prop←[0m ←[1;34mproc←[0m


is this normal?

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