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Winmo 7 ROMS for omnia i900

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We are talking of windows 7 phones. Is it a way too high for our omnia i900 to have the pda?

Brother, sorry but my answer is no. It cant be. Windows Mobile 7 requires a much better hardware support, a capacitive screen with multitouch function, and the most important reason, omnia i900 has a fixed firmware. You might find some roms, which are trying to copy the interface of w7 but it is almost impossible to do that. Many roms, are M2D or SBP based. Well, to have a new rom, like w7, you need to create all the matrix, functions, structures, which is very hard. Actually, you are supposed to "create" the Windows Mobile 7. I dont know, but Windows, might have released a source code, for programmers. That means you have to take the code ( sure, if you are a very experienced programmer ) and just make it compatible to omnia ( that takes a very long time, because you have to find every single issue, and fix it, for it to work on i900 ).

So my answer is no, you wont be able to make or find Windows Mobile 7, with full compatibility on our Omnia SGH-i900.

I hope I could help.

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My phone is samsung omnia i900 too. it can't run windows phone 7, and 6.5 is the best for it.

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