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WiFi / Mobile coverage - Kineto?

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I probably already know the answer to this question, but I'm 8 months into a 24 month contract so I'm getting quite desperate...

Myself and my girlfriend are both on Orange UK with HTC Desire handsets. At work my signal strength is fine as we have signal boosters for Vodafone all around the site which Orange seems to work with as well. At home, however, it's absolutely useless. Unless I practically hang out of the window, I get no signal at all and quite often miss important calls.

I've looked into it a bit, and come across Kineto. I believe it's originally for the G2, but it seems some clever chaps at XDA have managed to port it to the Nexus One, though it obviously requires a little more than simply downloading and installing the APK.

So, finally to my question. What are the chances of getting this working on an Orange HTC Desire, if any? If not this, does anyone know of any other options?

I've been through months of battles with CPW and Orange over this, and they both sent me back and forth, each denying any responsibility for assisting with the issue. Even in areas with good signal our phones will randomly cut out. We've already been through setting up the T-Mob/Orange signal sharing. Twice. It doesn't make any difference at all. Neither does setting the handset to 2G only. :(

Any help is appreciated, thanks :)

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