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[Q] How do I stop swiftdroid 2.3.4 rc1 killing my games ?

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I want to stop android 2.3.4 swiftdroid rc1 killing my games. Is there away to stop the OS task killing the forground app. I seem to run out of ram and my games just exit to home screen

What's the best set up for playing games. Are there any other tweeks to help better gaming performance.

Ive overclocked to 854mhz

Got a 256mb ext 3 swap

Supercharger v6

Autostarts to kill startup apps.

I've tried auto task killers to close all apps except thee game I'm playing.

But it just keeps droping to home screen I've spoken to the game developers and they say its a lack of memory ram on the device

I'm beta testing star legends and is not like I'm trying trouble play order and chaos lol.

Thanks for any help :)

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