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[DFT] HSPL / RSPL for HTC WP7 First Generation

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Source: XDA forum


proudly presents RSPL / HSPL

for phones HTC WP7 First Generation.

(Short name is “WP7F”)

This is first big step to customization and community development for these devices.

This release supports 5 languages: WWE, GER, RUS, CHS, CHT.

Read the next few messages for more information.

This release supports this WP7F devices:

*Gold (HTC Pro 7,T7575)

*Mozart (HD3,T8697,T8698,T8699)

*Mondrian (Surround,T8788)

*Spark (Trophy,T8686)

*Schubert (HD7, T9292,T9295,T9296)

Most of these devices have several MIDs (ModelID, looks like “PC921000”).

Current release supports only some limited number of MIDs. This was designed to minimize possible harm to user’s devices.

List of supported MIDs:

Gold: “PC92****”, “PC921000”

Mozart: “MOZA1000”, “PD67****”, “PD671000”, “PD671200”

Mondrian: “PD26****”, “PD261000”, “PD261100”

Spark: “PC401000”

Schubert: “PD29****”, “PD291000”, “PD291100”

!Please note that on SPL screen MID is only 7 symbols, without last one.!

Programs stops any operations if unknown MID detected. If your device have unknown MID, please report about it in this thread. Specify your MID, device name, ROM versions. It’s nice, if you can give a link to download ROM.

This release does NOT support these WP7F devices:

*GoldC (Arrive)

*SparkW (Trophy Verizon)

These devices are not supported because they are missing at the current moment in DFT team. Please don’t even try to use this release with them – it may brick your phone or make it unusable.

Basic stuffs to know:

SPL is Secondary Program Loader. It allows to flash ROMs to device.

Without working SPL device is fully bricked, you can’t restore it. It’s why all operations with SPL are dangerous.

OSPL is Original SPL. This SPL comes with stock ROM and doesn’t allow to flash custom stuffs.

RSPL is Reloaded SPL. It load only to RAM, so it doesn’t persistent. It’s enough to soft reset device to get OSPL back.

HSPL is Hard SPL. It’s permanently flashed to internal device memory and replaces OSPL. After soft reset you still have HSPL instead of OSPL.

This release consists from RSPL and HSPL wizards.

For regular users, who flash ROMs rather rare, it can be enough to use only RSPL.

For advanced users and ROM makers, it can be useful to install HSPL.


1. Before doing any operations be sure you have battery level more than 50%!

Sometimes in SPL mode WP7F devices DO NOT charge. You may got a cold brick if it power down during SPL or RADIO update!

2. Stock RUU ROMs have two NBH inside, SPL_Signed and RUU_Signed.

So it's not possible directly flash stock ROM, you need extract files and remove SPL_Signed.nbh at least.

3. Rememeber if you have HSPL and you flashing stock RUU_Signed.nbh you lost HSPL!

4. Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Warranty Issues

Be warned, using RSPL may void your warranty.

If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that it looks like stock! Install stock official ROM before go to Repair Centre.


This product is free to use at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this procedure. No warranties implied or otherwise, are given if you agree to use this product. No problems were found while testing this product on several different devices, your experience may vary.

Use of the Product for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

It’s not allowed to make changes to this package; it must be distributed as original release.

Official DFT site (Chinese)


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