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Lost ability to set MP3 as alarm tone!

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Hi guys,

I've been using the Modaco rom for my Desire for over a year now, but suddenly I've lost the ability to set an MP3 as my alarm tone.

Previously when setting an alarm I would be given the option to choose stock tones or music. Today I'm only able to access the stock tones bit, with no option of music.

There's no defaults set for the Clock application either :(

I update a few things from the market recently, most of my normal apps and what not. I've read somewhere about people updating the music player app, but that never shows up on my market updates?

Anyone have any ideas?

Using Ringdroid currently, but that's a pain in the backside. Don't particularly want to put the songs in separate alarms/ringtones folders on the SD card either, as that's just doubling up.

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Fixed it!

Turns out Handcent gives you the option to select music as various tones (alarm, rings, etc). For some reason it decided that it was going to be difficult and not work for just the clock app.

Reinstalling handcent didn't fix it, so I got Ring Extender. Loaded up clock ... lo and behold I was given 3 options: Default tones, Handcent's ringtone picker and Ring Extender.

Uninstaled ring extender and handcent's one is working fine again.


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