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Which car head units connect properly via bluetooth to the Blade

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This week I received a Pioneer DEH-7300BT head unit so that I could use my Blade in my car handsfree. Sometimes it will connect automatically and sometimes it won't. I can't figure out why (I've tried 3 diffferent ROMs, clearing bluetooth caches) but I am beginning to think the Pioneer is not fully compatible with the Blade.

If you use your Blade in conjunction with a car head unit successfully (i.e. automatic connection) please could you let me know what the model is. I would be interested in particular if someone has the DEH-7300BT working with it and if so which ROM.

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We have 2 blades both with gsf-27 working on the 7300bt.

Also the wifes wildfire with wildmix rom.

They all auto connect when required.

The only problem is that the unit doesnt remember the auto dial settings,ie: buttons 1-6 for some reason.

We only fitted the unit this week so maybe its not wired right although it remembers the radio presets ok so maybe a peek at the manual may clear things up.

Have you figured out how to play music from the blade while connected through usb as i keep getting error 19,no bggie though,just thought id ask.

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This thread reminded me that I needed to reconnect my rebuilt phone to the car.

I have a JVC KD-R811 that works fine. I seem to have a bit of a random button pressing to get the voice out of the car speakers rather than the phone (I remember doing that last time I set up the connection too) but, presuming that it works like last time, it reconnects properly from then on.

I've never bothered to stream music to it, I guess it would work as well.

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