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DHD Camera Auto-Focus Problem

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The problem I'm having is now that I have Leedroid 3.3.3 installed on my Desire HD my phones camera will no longer auto-focus.

Before you ask have you made sure the auot-focus is selected in the phones camera menu yes I have.

The things I have done to rectify this are:

I've made sure I have the right Radio & Kernal for the Rom I'm Using

I've downgraded my Leedroid Rom to previous versions but nothing works

I've asked for help and left bug reports on leedroids mini site and no help

I've tried and I want to install the Madacos "17/Nov 1.32.405.6 r1 - HTC Desire HD Stock ROM with Online Kitchen" but I can't boot past the HTC screen even after performing a factory reset, battery stat rest, and a dalvik wipe still no luck.

Leedroids new Roms use a different EXT format "EXT4" where stock Roms I believe use "EXT2" and this might be why I cant get MOdacos stock rom to boot and therefore I need to wipe a EXT2 to my phone? I wouldn't know how to do that and if this is the problem please enlighten me.

I've done google and xda searches for how to get the auto focus to work again and all I come up with is I should go back to stock and see if this helps. Unfortunately I can't get a stock Rom to boot properly so I'm left with asking for help here.

If I'm in the wrong forum or posted in the wrong place I do apologize I believed since I'm on a Desire HD this is the most appropriate place.

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It is pretty dead in here for the DHD so I'd say XDA is still the best place for your issue.

Having said that, my advice would be a full wipe (using the Full Wipe to EXT4 patch in Lee's thread) and start again. I am running 3.3.3 and have no such issues.

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