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Updating swype beta 3.5 keyboard

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Hi guys, I ran into this problem earlier today, and I felt like it might be useful for others to know how I was able to solve this problem... or at least how one should go about solving this problem.

I'm currently running 1.9.1 (which is amazing btw) with the noswype option set and I manually installed the swype beta.

Today, I received an email of an update for the beta, and on the description, it tells you to uninstall the old version, and then re-run the installer.

Being the noob that I was, I followed the email and uninstalled swype and attempted to run the installer. Thats when problems occurred...

The "Talkback" option kept popping up and crashing, and what's worse, was I could not install the new swype with the current installer as downloading it gave me a parsing error.

I was unable to change my keyboard to the stock android and the TalkBack program just kept crashing.


I had a couple of hoops to jump through to fix this... but essentially, it involved reflashing to 1.9.1 without the "noswype" option, changing the input keyboard back to the default keyboard, then reflash with the "noswype" option set, then look into getting the proper installer installed. (The installer update still did not work. I had to re-download the installer from the website after I regained a keyboard to use).

All is good now.

I hope this helps someone who comes across this problem as well.

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Manual removal and installation _4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=150358&view=findpost&p=5715103

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