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Unlock for 10 Euros (~£9)

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I used to use an X-Sim III in my old Pulse, but I just couldn't persuade it to work in the Mini after my wife broke the Pulse by filling it with mayonnaise (nor would it work or in my own, unlocked Blade, for that matter). It would unlock the sim O.K. but then the phone would think that it was roaming; no matter what I tried I couldn't persuade it otherwise. So I went googling for the cheapest unlock method.

I can confirm that http://www.dc-unlocker.com/ works. It was a bit of a faff getting it to work- in the end I finally figured out that I had to have the Huawei PC Suite installed on my computer. Before I'd figured that bit out I'd also reflashed the original T-Mobile UK ROM, so I can't comment on whether it'll work on phones running custom ROMs etc. I've now flashed to the 2.2 beta 11 which seems to be working fine with my wife's GiffGaff sim. I would recommend that you sign up for a DC-Unlocker account before you buy yourself any credits: then you can make sure that you have a good connection to the phone with the software.

It's a little bit more involved than just sending off your IMEI and waiting to get a code back, but equally once you've jumped through the hoops the phone unlocks instantly with no waiting.

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