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20 Jan Hr2: MoDaCo Custom ROM for the HTC Flyer (Honeycomb 3.2.1)

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I'm pleased to present my MoDaCo Custom for the HTC Flyer! READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE YOU START! No, really, it contains everything you need to know. ;)

This is just a tweaked stock build. I'll be adding features and more tweaks shortly.

About MoDaCo Custom ROMs

MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs - either shipping or leaked. A MCR release is designed to feel as far as possible like a stock ROM, with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device.


In order to flash this ROM, you need ClockworkMod recovery installed. You MUST complete the upgrade to stock Honeycomb before installing this ROM. This update does not install the latest radio (20.4801.30.0822U_3822.10.08.07_M) - this can be installed via fastboot flash. You can download the image file below.

The ROM is installed at your own risk. The ROM should be installed using ClockworkMod. A wipe is NOT mandatory, but if you do encounter issues, please wipe and try again before reporting them here.

Features Included (many optional via the Online Kitchen)

  • Based on the 3.55.405.1 release
  • Packaged for ClockworkMod
  • Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts
  • Full up to date Google experience + additional
  • su / Superuser.apk root
  • Busybox

    Please see the post below this one for the changes in each release.


    To install this ROM:

    • Download the zip file of from the links below (an online kitchen will follow) and copy to your SD card
    • Restart your device in recovery mode
    • Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to your memory card

    If you have problems with Market licencing, check your device date!


    Prebake download

      [*]Hr2 - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: a0f9f1c5ee877655ad9e2549b65ed629

      [*]20.4801.30.0822U_3822.10.08.07_M radio - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 6d2479b49d4ace9ae46f352f42401dbb


      It's impossible to mention everyone who contributes to the Android community by name, but to everyone out there who does great work and shares it with us all - you have my gratitude and respect.

      Future Updates - READ THIS!

      By providing this ROM I am not implying in any way that future updates will follow. Due to limits on my time and the fact that I have a large number of devices for short periods of time, it isn't possible for me to continue providing ROM updates indefinitely. Please do not donate / sign up on the assumption that future releases will be available (I don't want you to be disappointed!).

      And finally...

      If you would like to show your appreciation for the ROM, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo Ad Free or MoDaCo Plus account, both of which also give you early access to Beta releases and access to the the online kitchens.

      Enjoy! :)


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20 Jan Hr2

  • Updated core to Hr2 (latest HC release) in preperation for full MCR.
    06 Sep Hr1

    • Initial Release

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Paul: I can send sms ok, but not receive. Could you check if it works for you?

OK, i'll check it out.


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plz can anyone help me out here........i've followed everything that has been given in the instruction manual.......every thing went very good until the new hboot flashing.......after that i was'nt able to get the bootloader unlocked . the screen with the lock symbol appears and yes/no option is displayed. thats it i could'nt go past that boot loader unlock page. if i press no its getting back to fastboot mode with S-ON. From here couldnt able to revert my flyer to gingerbread. It got stuck in the boot loader mode like for ever.please some one help me .

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thanks for this great ROM.

I have an issue i already read somewhere but i didn't find it again.

I charged my flyer over night and now i disconnected it from the charger. The Symbol on the flyer keeps saying that it's charging and the charge LED is orange.

How can i reset it or prevent the flyer doing it?



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thanks paul for your XDA collaboration and the heavy lifting done to get the leaked HC flash-able and stable.

my US 16gb WiFi now rocks running your hr1

coming from 1.36.1540.32 w/baseband 20.3501.30.089BU_3809.05.04.10_M

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thank's paul, i follow yout step and now my flyer success runing with honeycomb, but ihave little problem in here..

how i can s-off and root my flyer ? :(

thank;s and regards.. :D

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