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Vegacomb 9n Update2 - HELP: Bluetooth not working :(

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I have installed Vegacomb 9n update 2 onto my vega, using the install guide from this forum, using Modstock v2, then VC9n, then VC9n Upd2.

I dont seem to be able to get the bluetooth to work.

According to the Vegacomb 9n update 2 release notes it should be working.

I can see the bluetooth address in Setting-->About-->Status

Wifi and Bluetooth have different MAC addreses

I can turn bluetooth on/off in network settings, but cannot discover any devices & when I turn on 'make discoverable' I cannot see it from either my phone (Desire HD) or laptop

There are various posts saying it does/doesnt work, but I am unable to find a definitive post of how to get it to work

Has anyone else had this issue, is there anything I need to do to enable bluetooth support once update 2 is installed ?


UPDATE: 10/10/2011:

Got Android Market 'Insufficient Space' bug over weekend and ended up re-flashing my Vega.

- Modstock v2 - Bluetooth OK

- VC 9n - Bluetooth OK

- VC 9nU2 - Bluetooth DEAD

- VC 9nU3 - Bluetooth DEAD

So for now I am sticking with base VC 9n

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I installed VC 9n update 3 and bluetooth works as host (with ps3 controller), i didnt test discoverable functionality...

installation was simple, modded stock, vc 9n, update 3 with delete cache between, i did not do anything special ...

you have to disable wifi if you want to use bt though.. otherwise it drops the connection randomly (and often)....

range is also a problem, my pov has a really shitty bt module, if you are not within 1m of the device, it gets slow or does not work...

it helps when i turn the upper side (with buttons and rotation lock) towards the bt device (thats probably where the antena is) ...

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