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Housing | changing my i900L housing

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Hi guys ,

i must say , i never write on this forum , altough it has been a great help (you can see that im an old user, at my creation date) so thanks to everyone who keeps helping people with their samsung omnia.

but ive reeched a dead end, so i must open a thread by myslef :) ...

so , its like this ... i got a samsung omnia i900L , the front part of the housing is made out of 2 parts like at the lower part of the housing, i mean its look like the front is builded with two parts(picture below , the picture is of an samsung omnia i910 , but you can see what i mean at the front part of the housing ).

i have a fealing that the two parts has seperated a bit and tought of buying a new housing ...

now i got two question :

1) i havent opened my phone yet, but is it possible to fix the front housing , using some quick glue without damaging any other part of the phone ?

2) when i check out ebay , all the housings i see , are made of one part , not two like mine , and i dont see a i900L spesific housing , just i900...

are they the same? how can i know when its made out of quality , and original parts?

3) i read at some threads, the people who changed the housing , had problems with reception.... is that a known problem ?

well . im out of questions for now ...

thanks in advance.. :)

waiting for your repplay

the picture,the picture is of an samsung omnia i910 , but you can see what i mean at the front part of the housing :


P.S: sorry for my english , its not my main lenguage .

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