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[DEV Help][TUT]ROM Porting and Custom ROM Development

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Well...ICS was released this week...and i'm pretty sure that us Liquid MT users will not be getting all the Ice-Cream Goodness from Acer...

So i realized that in order to experience ICS i need to start learning on how to port ROMS...make custom ROMS...and all the other stuff...

It may seem hard to do the first time...but i feel its worth it...and lets face it...we really could do with some customization for our phones...

We have very good custom ROM makers and devs here davidevinavil, vache, technolover, lgcmn etc... i really thank them for their efforts in bringing us good stuff on our phones..

I would love to help out ,learn and at the same time collaborate with other devs...all help is appreciated..

As i understand people have been busy and so i feel there is a need for some more devs for Liquid MT...so here i am pitchin in... I will be learning how to port a ROM(or at least make an attempt)

I will be documenting all the steps i follow or whatever i learn in this thread...hopefully if anyone wants to lend a hand or try out for themselves it will be helpful...

lets see for how long i can keep this up.. :D

starting off...i have been googling a lot in search of tutorials in porting and ROM development...

Well...couldnt actually get good results...not at all...but some of em were helpful...

Really interesting thread...Liquid forums...make sure read it all the way through...


and this one...here in Liquid MT section...wonderful guide...


and also found this wonderful video series while i was developing apps for android...

android application development series from MARAKANA...incedentally they have 2 videos up on building custom ROMS...

also..i am in need of support form the devs here...pointing me in the right direction...help me out on stuff etc...

First off...

Development environment:

which linux distro?

-->ubuntu 10.10 x86 or x64...??(ubuntu 11 is just plain bad with Unity)

-->fedora 15..??(gnome 3 looks good)

any other things i need to know...ARm toolchain download...??

stuff i need to setup dev environment..??

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