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Quick backup question (or two)

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Currently on corvus5 have a previous back up of vegacomb 3.2 build 9. Let's say for instance I want to restore that back up. Do I go into clockwork and run all the usuals e.g


Wipe dalvik cache etc etc and then flash the backup or do I have to flash the vegacomb Rom first and then flash the backup over it??

(in case it makes a difference I had the ICS theme aswell)

Or have j got it completely wrong?? Obviously I wanted to make sure I do it right, as I am away from my pc at the moment and a cock up would render my vega useless until I could restore to modded stock. Really can't make my mind up between Corvus and vegacomb at the moment so running these backups are of great importance to me.

Thanks in advance

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I don't know exactly what the answer is.. but:

I had the same problem.. I was at school and decided I wanted to go back from corvus to a vegacomb back up.. I didn't wipe cache and dalvik, and flashed the back up.. it didnt work haha :P (normally it does work with being on corvus and switching to a modaco r8 back up)

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