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Donato Casagrande

ZTE Racer - mtdblock3 /cache 100% full ...all time

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I'm from Brazil and I have an X850 (racer) TIM. After I sent a defective unit and returned to service with version 2.2 Froyo.

I did dowgrade of Gen2 Gen1, I installed version 2.3.4. After dowgrade did not work and the 3G market does dowload apps. I tried reinstalling everything, but this error appears in clokwork.:

"e: error in cache: recovery / log (in the space left on device)"

I can not go back to the 2.2 tim .... the error during the process offline updater (downgrade) ...

I used all the features of ClockworkMod recovery, but could not solve the problem.s ....

I believe it is possible to resolve via ADB or terminal, but do not know exactly how, percise help ...

Sorry for bad English.

google translator.

adb shell

* daemon not running. starting it now *

* daemon started successfully *

# df


Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

tmpfs 83312 32 83280 0% /dev

tmpfs 83312 0 83312 0% /mnt/asec

tmpfs 83312 0 83312 0% /mnt/obb

/dev/block/mtdblock4 153600 131784 21816 86% /system

/dev/block/mtdblock5 302976 51260 251716 17% /data

/dev/block/mtdblock3 12800 12800 0 100% /cache


3487276 265464 3221812 8% /mnt/sdcard


3487276 265464 3221812 8% /mnt/secure/asec


Please Help me.

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