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Help Choosing a New Phone

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My contract will come to an end in December after 2 years (NEVER getting a 24mth contract again...) and Orange are desperate for me to choose an upgrade

Trouble is I'm not sure what to go for!

A few months ago I was set on getting the iPhone (especially when I thought the 5 was coming) but I'm not so sure now.

I don't fancy having to buy all my apps again and the advent of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) has really made me question my choices.

After getting an Android tablet and falling in love with Android 3.0 I'm starting to think that Android 4.0 might well be the way for me to go, the trouble with this is, it's not out yet :(

I have no idea which phones will definitely be getting ICS so I really don't want to get a phone that won't be 4.0 ready.

The Droid Razr looks perfect but I'm not sure if Orange will be getting that one?

Does anyone have any advice for me?

I would like to stick with Orange as I use Orange Wednesdays a fair amount (twice a month roughly) but if people can offer a decent reason for me to switch I am happy to do so.

I pay £21 a month ATM with 600 mins, 3000 sms, 500mb web, 30 MMS and phone insurance so I have a pretty sick deal. (I threatened to leave and Orange gave me this package)

Happy to pay up to £30 a month if it nets me a better phone. :)

Thanks in advance guys :)

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