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Thank you all... and Goodbye

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Thank you very much to Fards and DJ Steve and everyone else who helped make the Streak the useable device Dell couldn't.

I had high hopes for the streak when it was first non-announced and thanks to you guys, it lived up to them... for a while.

I honestly feel that Dell tried to make the Streak fail ... maybe a tax write-off, I don;t know... but I'm not sure how they could have screwed up it's launch, updates, customer support and PR so badly by accident.

I am now the proud owner of the HTC Vivid... a phone that I have been wanting since it was first rumored back in March, when I shattered my Streak (used that broken ass streak for 7 months hoping for the Opus)... THAT IS LOYALTY Dell!

If anyone wants 'em, I have two broken Dell Streaks...

Both AT&T

One with Shattered Gorilla Glass(working LCD)

One with shattered LCD(Glass is perfect)

Both with various versions of Streakdroid.

I'll sell em cheap... just want to cover shipping and get a few bucks to cover the hassle of shipping them wherever...

I'll even throw in the 3 Proprietary USB cables i have... and a Car mount LOL

PM me.

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There is no eternal party buddy, hope that your new phone

I love Dell Streak since they big enough for a phone and small enough for one hand handling

just quick question, where do you live, i live in Melbourne

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I'm sorry to hear you're leaving the streak fam. I agree that it seems dell wanted the streak to fail. I'd be interested in one of those broken streaks as I have an exrta lcd+glass. Let me know what you're looking to get or pm me.

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