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Desire not turning on..... HELP!!!!

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I know most of the Desire users on here have upgraded but i am on a 24 month contact and require some help!!

My phone since new has been excellent apart from the boot loop problem which HTC fixed with a new motherboard, however today it's all gone to ****. Went to use it and switched on 3G while waiting for it i just put it down for a few seconds, went back to it and it had froze buttons didn't work, screen wouldn't move even long back press didn't kill it.

So (this is were i think i might have broke something) i pulled the battery out, popped it back thinking it just need to restart and it wouldn't turn on!!! thinking that the battery might be flat (it was low at the time) i plugged the charger in but it would do anything (No orange light) and quick google and i find a way to get it charging (Without the battery in, plug the charger in which makes the green and orange led flash then insert the battery) this made the orange led stay on and after a few hours the green led came and i thought OK it should work now.... but it doesn't :-(

Anyone got any ideas?

The phone is rooted/s-off and running Oxygen 2.3.1 so without some life in it to put a RUU on i don't really want to send it to HTC.

Thanks for any help you lot can provide.


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