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[SOLVED]Audio problem with galaxy ace

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i got the ace last week its been amazing til now, it is on 2.3.3 in the box, and i rooted it and added custom recovery for future use,

when i am listning to music (just got a 16gb class 10 card) it plays absolutely fine,

but once the device tries to sleep (screen timeout or lock button) it jumps for about 100ms (no sound) and does this for about 1 second, and continues to play as normal.

and the same happens when i wake the device, its pretty annoying now that i have a 16gb sd card and spend £150 on this phone lol

ive noticed its not so bad without headphones,

today the ace had no music player playing, and i had headphones in, and some music is playing out of the loudspeaker. do you think this sounds like a hardware fault?

anyone else have this problem? or working on another stable rom (2.3 if possible)

EDIT: I think i may have diagnosed the problem, i had 'root helper' enabled on the app widgetlocker, ive turned it off and just running widgetlocker without root functions and there is less lag. i may post to the developer then with this

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