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Random Shutdowns

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My 2x keeps shutting down (BSOD, SOD) at random times. It seems to increase in frequency the further through the day. For example, I had no shutdowns this morning, and then at about 1pm I couldn't wake the phone up, and had to yank the battery. By 4pm, it was happening every few minutes.

I've found out that lots of users have had this problem, but no matter what I try, it doesn't help. However, if I'm listening to music, it doesn't happen. It only occurs when the screen is off and nothing else is running.

This happened on the stock Froyo ROM and also every version of CyanogenMod I've tried. I've updated the baseband to the latest version, and have also installed the latest nightly of CM, but to no avail.

I found a thread on XDA today that suggested it was to do with voltages and CPU frequencies. I followed the advice and installed IronKernel 32Mb RAM-fix (which greatly improved the performance, but it still shuts down.

I've tried configuring different voltages with SetCPU and setup a profile for "Screen Off", but I cannot stop it happening.

Is it faulty hardware? I bought the phone as "reconditioned" from Amazon and have about 15 days of my 30 day return window left. However, I've read that all 2X's suffer from this problem.

Please help as I love the phone (especially for the price I paid), but cannot rely on it.

Current Setup is as follows:

- CM7 Nightly (204)

- Baseband: 1035.21_20110725

- IronKernel: 194

- ModVersion: CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC0 Optimus2X KANG

- Build: GWK74

Any ideas people?

Many many thanks in advance!

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Try gr5 for example, or one of the v20o releases floating around, this bug is present in stock Froyo and very rare in CM and Gingerbread in general. I dont't have experience with CM >7.1, so perhaps try 7.1 and not some KANG.

But it seems to me this is faulty hardware, and you should return it.

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Try latest temaseks Kang and vadonkas kernel. I had reboots with stok froyo but not with stock gingerbread. the temaseks with vadonka s if the only cm stable for me

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Try to plug in a power supply for the phone, see if the same thing happen..

fix your CPU frequency at certain value, without scaling I mean, see if the same thing happen..

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If it has just started happening on the latest KANGS I would say your not alone. But if your phone has ALWAYS done this on many nightlies/etc. I'd get it sent back!

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