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Modaco Membership Renew

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Howdy Folks, I originally posted this in the general discussion thread but had no reply. My Modaco 12 months ad-free membership is nearly up & I don't wish carry on with my membership. My old Android device OSF/ ZTE Blade broke a few months ago sad.gif& I recently brought myself a Samsung Galaxy Ace which I've noticed isn't supported on this site.

Anyway I just wanted to know if I need to do anything to cancel because there some sites out there which auto update when there membership is up & I don't want any money going out my bank account without my permission.

Sorry about posting in the wrong thread with the ZTE Blade being my old device I know I got more of getting a reply here!!

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It's not automatic renewal. or at least mine isn't. I got an email saying:

"An invoice has beengenerated for you. Please log in to submit payment for this invoice. Pendinginvoices will remain active for ten business days. If payment has not beensubmitted within the allotted time, your invoice(s) and related service(s) willexpire."

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