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San Fran II - Debugging Mode in Mac OS X

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I got the San Francisco II today, and have previously being using the original San Francisco and applying several Modifications based on development I have found via this forum.

I have been following the Unlock Thread to unlock my device and install a de-branded rom. Which has installed Clockwork Mod Recovery and a new Rom.

When I boot up the device holding the volume down key, it boots into FTM rather than clockwork mod. Even though Clockwork Mod is installed as I can access clockwork mod via ADB on my windows machine.

I have a Mac, and I am starting to develop Android Apps. Unfortunately, my Mac can't find my San Francisco II in Debugging mode, when it can instantly find all 4 of my other Android devices. When I tested my San Francisco II in my friends Mac, he also couldn't find the device.

There seems to be a problem with mac drivers (which doesn't happen very often??)..

Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, my San Francisco doesn't appear to be unlocked. It accepts a T-Mobile sim card (which I think it should do since Orange/T-Mobile are combined now) however it doesn't get a signal. When browsing Mobile Networks it finds all the networks. so it doesn't appear to be a hardware fault, but it isn't getting a signal.

I don't have another sim-card network to test with, but has anyone else had this problem too?

Appreciate any help, Thanks :)

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The signal fault is now solved.

Until I registered my sim-card, Orange had locked my device. Apparently, this is a precautionary measure incase of handsets not reaching their actual customer.

Thanks for the suggestion about debugging mode, it didn't work but will keep trying!

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