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[FAQ]General Info and Q&A for the Liquid Metal (S120)

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Useful Links

Clockwork Mod Recovery (5.0 c/o Lens_Flare)


Clockwork Mod Recovery (3.0 c/o Vache)


~Tends to work better for Lens’ ROMS (MIUI and CM7) as well as Vache’s ROM (Gingerounay)

~Doesn’t recognize the sd-ext, makes it harder to backup your apps

~Can restore specific parts of the backup (such as only the data) which can be very useful.

AmonRa Recovery (2.2 c/o Vache)


~Tends to work better for T&L

~Can restore/recover sd-ext

Root / Partition / Recovery and Rom installation guide (c/o k0zmic)


How do I…

Chances are your question is answered in k0zmic’s guide. If not, read on here.

Extra App Storage Tools



~Generally the most stable storage option for the liquid metal

~offers a lot of control for storage options

~A very powerful tool.

AD2SDX (c/o Techolover)


~Requires flashing through recovery

~Perhaps easier to use than Link2SD

~Some people find it slower thank Link2SD (Personally I find it faster using CM7)

~Can be a pain to backup

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Technobable Section


Using a custom recovery to copy or overwrite files into sections of the internal memory that are normally not accessible. You "flash" a custom ROM into the system portion of your phone. You can also "flash" apps or other custom files (like boot animations) into the system portion. (Some of this can also be done with Root access and a root browser)

Root (Rooting)

Essentially gaining access to the root directory on the phone. (The internal memory that is otherwise not accessible). This allows for changing of system values / files.

Key Combinations

Note: "Focus" is the half pressed state of the camera button, whereas "Camera" is fully depressed.


Hold Volume Up & Focus (hold until recovery loads). Press power button till first vibrate.

SD Download Mode

Hold Camera & Volume Down & Power. Phone will vibrate 3 times.

Teardown Pics

I did a marvellously terrible job of a teardown. I'll post some general things lateron.


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Cyanogen Mod 9 BETA (c/o Lans_Flare)


~Work in Progress, see thread for more info.

Cyanogen Mod 7 (c/o Davidevinavil and Lens_Flare)


(old http://android.modac...od-71-liquidmt/)

~Work in progress. Nearly everything works. For more info see the thread.

~Some data issues with Vodaphone (Italy) and Rogers (Canada)

~See the Cyanogen Mod website for more info

MIUI (c/o Lens_Flare)



~Best to post questions and concerns in the MIUI forums, per Lens’ request

~Most things working

~Same data issues as with CM7

~See the MIUI website for more info

T&L (c/o lgcmn)


~Very stable ROM

~Based on Stock Acer Rom

~Everything works

~Many add-on modules to customize to your taste

Gingerounay (3.01 c/o Vache)


~Everything works

~uses Darktremors’ App2sd gui.

~Best looking ROM imo.

Performance Rom (c/o Pinguy)


~check the thread for more info.

Azure Metal S (c/o Superandrex)


~it's blue!

Technolover’s Kernel (c/o Technolover)


~Support for all ROMS, incl. stock Acer.

~Allows for overclocking up to 1600Mhz (yeah, don’t do that.)

~Allows for undervolting of each CPU state.

~Comes in 1% and 5% battery steps

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Will The Acer Liquid Metal be getting Ice Cream Sandwitch (4.0)?

Only through custom ROMs (specifically CM9, Maybe Miui 4)

I'm running out of room for apps, and my phone is constantly low on memory!

The liquid metal has two hardware weaknesses, one is the camera, the other is the low internal memory.

See k0zmic's guide on rooting / formatting the SD card for link2sd/apps2sd for info to increase your storage.


My Battery is stuck at 84% charge!

This is a known bug in the 1% step kernels. There are a few ways around it.

1) Reboot the phone. Sometimes this works

2) Try charging the phone from a usb port on a computer

3) Install a 5% kernel (see Technolover's kernel)

Where can I get the newest gingerbread firmware?

Short Answer: From the Acer website. www.acer.com

Long Answer: Some regions still don’t have default access to the latest firmware. You can always go to another country’s site and download it. (4.000.13_EMEA_GEN1)

How do I restore my phone to stock?

Easy way: Flash the latest firmware from the Acer website using the SD card download mode.

Extract the acer_ug folder from the website rom and place it on your SD card.

If that doesn’t work: Download the “Acer Download Tool.” Use it to flash the firmware.


Doing either of these will replace any custom recovery you may have installed, and you will loose root. If you have to return your phone to Acer for warrantee repair, you MUST return your phone to stock.

If this still doesn't work check out the BIN collection sticky. Try flashing one of the old FW first.

My Data doesn’t work on CM7 or MIUI!

This is a known issue for certain carriers. KPN (Netherlands), "3" (Italy), Vodaphone (Italy) and Rogers (Canada) are known to be a problem.

For Rogers customers;

Toggle airplane mode and / or data enabled on and off and check the APNs in the network à mobile network settings. If you see APNs choose one. Your data will work after that.

For Vodaphone Customers;

See this thread for info;


The Camera sucks!

Yes. Try a 3rd party camera app from the market.

AmonRa isn’t seeing my sd-ext! You said it would!

Add an “sd” directory in the system folder. Then try again. You’ll need a root explorer to do this.

My phone says it’s GEN3(2), can I use the GEN1 firmware?

Yes. Always keep your GEN3 or GEN2 firmware handy, just in case.

Should I make a NAND backup before installing a new ROM?


I want to make my own custom ROM but don't know where to start.

Check here for some info.


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Maybe should add a note saying People eager to develop ROM's or port them should refer to acer liquid forum or link them to somewhere to start off.

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Just for completeness, in Italy also operator "3" has the same issues of Vodafone with MIUI...

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Just for completeness, in Italy also operator "3" has the same issues of Vodafone with MIUI...

As does KPN in the netherlands

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Added some teardown pics...descriptions to follow.

hello Smeelious, very useful FAQ ;)

I think that you can also add the "SD DOWNLOAD" procedure

( I mean something like this: where to put the file (folder or root), filename (mandatory or not), wich type of of file (only full rom or if also kernel, framework and other parts can be "SD DOWNLOADED" )..using this way noone can ask about extra info :-D


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