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Sum-vision Nano1 (HD Android Media Player)

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The Sum-vision Nano1 is an HD Android media player with Wii-mote like handheld keyboard/mouse/remote control. I've had a number of sum-vision products before, and whilst they just about did the job, the software development usually left a LOT to be desired.

I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these units yet, and if so, how they found it, what apps are available, and where they would rank this against the Apple TV (around the same price).

For anyone that's interested, full spec is available on sumvision's website here: http://www.sum-vision.co.uk/productinfo/nano/nano.asp

n.b - Scroll down - the gallery at the top of the page flickers constantly, and gets quite annoying after a bit.

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I recently got one of these, the Nano Slim+ version.

Sumvision have released an ICS rom for it but Im finding it a little on the slow side.

The 2.3 rom ran ok and had a few extra features (going to downgrade back to this)

I haven't had time to play with it properly yet, if you still want info on these devices I can mess about a bit and will stick my findings up?

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