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What is the next upgrade?

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Whilst I still love my Desire Z, I would love there to be a Desire Z-2 or Z-S, but I've not read even so much as a rumour of one :-(

There was the "doubleshot" which compared favourably, with dual core higher CPU, better GPU and more ram:


but as far as I know a UK/European variant was never distributed.

I've considered the Samsung Captivate Glide which is based on the Tegra2 chipset, so it's OK but nothing special:


A Z with faster CPU and GPU, more ram, more storage, perhaps a little larger screen, is it too much to ask please HTC???

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Next Update is a company behind the Sifter. Sifter is a concentrate on making work less tedious and it is entertain Sifter bug and egress application. This company is working in a team including qualified employs.

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