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HTC: Release an Android 4.0 update for the HTC Desire Z

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Quote from cjward on XDA Developers

It was confirmed today that HTC will update the Desire HD to ICS.

I think this is unfair, the Desire Z was released at the same time and cost the same. I have and still maintain that HTC should of never pushed a sense 3.x update to our devices, But with the announcement of the HTC One V and the leaked RUU's i can confirm that we now have a version of sense that runs very well on our devices.

So I am asking you to take 1 minute to sign the petition to get HTC to release an update for what seems to be a device they have forgotten about.

Please post this link on your blogs, twitter, facebook and anywhere else that you can get it some coverage.


Lets do this :D

Petition for official Ice Cream Sandwich for our Desire Zs!

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