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Best "Siri" type App?

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I have tried a few and I have found that Jeannie - Pannous is the best.

Assistant - Speaktoit comes a very close seconded but this is more to do with personal preferences then anything else. Speaktoit works fine I just preferred using Jeannie more. Both have there bugs and could do with improving but these two apps are by far the best Siri type app you can get for Android.

So the apps don't sound like an old

I would install IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ. Edited by Pinguy

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Just came across this app. Dragon Go! Its pretty cool. It doesn't talk back to you but it can do a lot and has a huge amount of resources to get its answers from.

For some reason it says "This app is incompatible with all of your devices" on Google Play. I am guessing its because I live in the UK because its not because it is incompatible, it works fine on the Acer MT.

To grab the app you can scan this.


Or go here: http://www.apktops.com/dragon-go-1-1-1.html

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