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Poor signal

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Hi there,

Is anybody else having problems with poor signal on the ONE X.

I have just upgraded from my Galaxy Nexus and see a huge dif in signal between the 2 phones.

Where I work is about 800 meters from the closest antenna (below the antenna) and where my old Nexus would see abotu 3-4 bars or signal (2g) the ONE X will give 1 bar if I really am lucky most of the time i get no signal at all :(

This is not even a way of holding issue as even if the phone is on a stand or led on its back I get the same issue.

Do we know of any radio updates due out anytime soon ?

getting -105 dbm 4asu at this moment

SW ver is as below


sw# 1.26.401.2

baseband 1.1204.90.13

build# 1.26.401.2 CL47163

Any tips, tricks or ideas welcome.

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currently Im on T mobile, in an area I know is a good T mobile signal area and because I can go between Tmobile and Orange I seem to be constably on Orange. When I manually go to change network, I get zip all excelt Orange, yet I know for a fact that at home I can see O2/Orange/t-Mobile and Voda - yet the phone doesnt seem to be able to see anything else now except Orange.

Bit odd

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Damn, I have T-mobile stock ROM - wonder how easy it is to go back to Vanilla ICS

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