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Bruno rr.

ROMS and Personalization for MF168

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Hello friends, I need a great help to customize my windows mobile 6.5 ModelMF168-resolution (QVGA)

I bought it almost 1 year and regretted it deeply, because the device does not have any support in a matter of being a forgery

when bought, was a glitzy ad on the internet, most advertising was misleadingway, because he said that the device was installed version iphone windows mobile 6.5. I had little knowledge about the operating system from Microsoft, so I decided to risk the test. For the first month after making the purchase, it felt likethe player hit it in the trash, because there was nothing interesting, I tried installingsome themes that I found on the Internet, but intalei one that ended with the operating system, because the application did not work in my model, so I needhelp so you can tell me help me to install ROMS or themes compatible with my device (MF168) windows mobile 6.5.

taking these issues I have had experience of using a specific model LG do not know what it is, but it had windows mobile version 6.1, and stirring it Pudi I see that in a matter of agility bugs and everything else was the same as my device ,being a fake, but with the original operating system!

I had to take it to a repair center for a system restore, and was at the expense ofR $ 100 just to remove the malicious application I installed, because I removed itfrom the concert even more would love to fully customize the device, compatiblewith any ROM or something.

Thank you in advance.

A great weekend everyone!My e-mail for contact: [email protected]

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