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Ubuntu on acer liquid MT

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Hi to all, is possible install ubuntu on liquid MT? i've find an application called ubuntu install on market, but i dont want brick my phone!

Anyone know a procedure?

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A) it is possible (if I remember correctly chemicalbuz did it: search in the forum)

B) please write in English, be polite, be useful or be quiet. :)

B) per cortesia scrivi in inglese, cerca di essere gentile, cerca di essere di aiuto o non scrivere più. :)

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It's usable depending on what you're using it for.

It's not usable as a fully functional desktop operating system but if you just desperately want it to run linux only apps on the go it's sufficient.

You can get around the touch issues by using androidVNC in touchpad mode, it's far from perfect but definitely usable.

Also, if you only want to run command line apps it works a treat through SSH, I have BackTrack installed and metasploit and SET work flawlessly.

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