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Hard case + Screen protector?

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Hi i'm revitalizing my phone, i cracked the screen, just got a new one (two years later lol) and got a new 1500mah battery as the old one is now at like half capacity!

and im optimizing it for ONLY texting and calling, as i will use it as a business phone on pay as you go...

i have yet to see a hard case that you can click the phone into, or a screen protector!

also running FTB cm6.1 mod, and most of my apps give me error code 110 when i try and install! any ideas lol! its pretty smooth and fast and very battery friendly as i took out most of the apps i dont need from the rom and replaced them with lighter apps (keyboard etc) using apps2rom

but yeah.. would be nice :)

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With the use of multitude hard plastic and rubber padding cases held the crass of effect in the event drop the mobile phone. Dropping phone can damage your phone display. The hard case Screen protector work as a shield of your phone that protect your mobile phone from the scratches and any type of damage.

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