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Fancy getting your hands on a Samsung Galaxy SIII now?

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OK this is not a competition, or anyway to actually acquire the phone early, but a chance to get actual "Hands on" with this handset.

I was in Westfields, White City, on Sunday 20/05/12, only because a little bird (OK the iPhone totting Mrs) told me of a Samsung pop-up store being there.

So off I trotted to be pleasantly surprised to see not only the Galaxy Note on view for public scrutiny but also the absolutely awesome Galaxy SIII.

No longer would I have to scour YouTube for videos only showing glimpses of this phone to glean any information, but I was able to try for myself and I must say I was impressed, very impressed.

I do not know if the same applies to all Westfields nationwide, or Samsung may indeed set up further stores in other major Shopping Centres. But if you do get to get your hands on a handset, I don't think you'll be disappointed, I wasn't.

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Interesting, and you're using a GN at the moment?


Yes I do own the Galaxy Nexus ( probably will still do) as I am more than happy with my current phone. I will wait to see what Google has to offer from Google IO later next month with the prospect of a new Nexus ( or many devices, if the rumours are to be believed) or Nexus tablet, time is on my side.

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