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sensation xe constant crashing and off after ICS update

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since i updated my o2 branded xe to ICS it is constantly crashing....it doesnt hang or anything like that, i just goes off, as iff the batteryhas been pulled...it can do it at anytime, most commonly when im listneing to music on the sd card, or straight after a phone call has hung up...its just done it 5 times in as many minutes just sat on my desk at work....sometimes the battery level has dropped irrationally and drastically....

diggin online basic consensus is that sense 3.6 or which ever it is now sucks all the RAM on he phone and it cant handle it and switches off.....no ideal when your waiting for a call etc.

does anyone have a fix or is it something HTC are looking in to? I have seen that some people have gone through all the apps removing all and linstalling one by for it to still fail no matter whats on, factory reset and it still fail, new phones failing....

or will it be a case of wait for a patch/fix or root? quite like sense so dont fancy loading a 3rd part skin etc



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phone went completly sideways the other day so had to hard reset from the boot loader, still crashes randomly.....stupid ICS

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